Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Racy Reality

Ok so last night I was watching "Love In The Wild" with my mother in law and James. We thought the show would be really stupid from all the promos, but after watching our current favorite family show America's Got Talent we just kept it on NBC. The show started off interesting enough. The set up of this show is that there are several people who couple up (missed a week or two so we don't know how the couples matched up) and they have to complete challenges to determine where they sleep and what order they are during a couples ceremony where they decide whether or  not they want to stay with their current partner or switch to another guy or lady. So the challenge was really need they diving off of a cliff, finding nets, and stuff and it got to the nightly sleeping arrangement thing. So these "couples" (people who have just met within the last day or so) sleep in either a luxury suite, tents or this outhouse looking thing together in ONE bed. Really? So one of the girls comes out the next day and tells the camera that her and the guy she was "coupled with" got "intimate" and that they were "compatible in that way." I was shocked and so glad that James didn't understand what she meant. All I could think was what in the what? I know that I have no right to be anyone's moral police and I'm not trying to be, but honestly you say that on national television? You know millions of people are watching you, your family, friends, young impressionable girls, GOD and you do something like that, and NBC is fine with airing it. Have we fallen so far morally that people have casual sex with total strangers is something to be publicized and praised on a reality t.v. show? Yes I shouldn't be shock you see it on t.v. all the time, but I was just so taken aback by this. Yes I'm a Christian woman who considers herself a feminist, and argue with people about how it's possible to be both and how feminism is not a bad word or being a feminist is not akin to being a heathen, but even I have to say what happened to the time when women acted like ladies? No kissing and telling, no putting yourself out there like that. Girls it is so true that if you have sex with a man on the first night, within the first few days or months of dating they will categorize you as easy and you will be less attractive and taken less seriously. That's before even touching the morality and biblical reasoning for keeping yourself chaste. Needless to say this show has been  exed from our family viewing schedule (which is extremely limited anyway). Oh well now we know a good time to have a family bible study hour! Sorry for the rant but man that just rubbed me the wrong way!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello all just a quick update! All is good in the Smith house. Kids are great growing up! Joe and Jake are high schoolers now! So crazy to think they were just in elementary school when I started blogging! Maybe if I blogged more time would slow down some? I don't know...But anyways, James will be in 2nd grade next year and my little bean will be one in less than four months! So crazy!! Brittany's still playing basketball and the viola. Summer time is a much welcomed reprieve from the general hustle and bustle that is the Smith house. I don't have much to say but, check out my new blog (hopefully I'll be better about updating this...who wants to bet on it LOL!) Its about my hair journey from relaxed hair to natural. Actually its just the natural part since I gave up relaxer a few years back, but I'm just now experimenting with my hair. Please tell your friends about me, I'll have videos and product reviews...starting with my first product review today. Thanks so much for reading when I write guys. Miss you my Missouri posse and family!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look who's heeerrreee!!

Hey dudes and dudettes it is I the horrible no good good for nothing blogger. So my son. Yeah. He's already two months and i've yet to do any of the following:

- blog about him

- get him a proper portrait done

- start a baby book

- send birth announcements.

So here I start with at least blogging about little Mister Jude Amir Smith. He is awesome and very princely (Amir = prince). He's a hand full and we love him! He laughs and midnight, takes ONE type of paci, loves his brother's singing/reading, LMFAO is his favorite band, loves football games on t.v. and to eat. Yes he eats and eats. He's exclusively breast-fed and he's chunky. He weighs over 14 lbs already!!! At birth he was 8lbs 13oz 21.5ins!! He was born on 10/15/11 and I knew I'd miss announcing him via blog, sorry about that. I'm new year's resolution is to well, get a nice camera and maybe photo blog?? Actually I need a new computer and camera for that...but we will see.

Here are some pictures of the newest little guy!! Enjoy ;)!!

1 month photo Christmas Day Day one 1 month birthday!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Up to date

So ok I'm back and got a little news. Actually, I wanted to post before the month was over! On June 2 we found out that baby is a BOY!! Don't know how I feel about it just yet...but I'm getting over my shock! James felt baby boy kick for the first time on Sunday June 26th. He thought that was just amazing and made the cutest little face (he is going to be an awesome big brother!
Summer's in full swing and that means...well not much around my house! LOL. But hey the kids are loving the time off and I'm loving not having to wake them up in the morning! My pregnancy is rapidly coming to a close, I have 112 more days as of today. This means one more monthly midwife appointment until the two-weekers!! I can't believe how fast its going, or how much I'm growing either. Well that's about it for now, be in touch (yes before the new baby is one I PROMISE!!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The reason I don't post more...

My life is kinda boring. I mean I work, go home, take care of the kids, cook, clean and read. That's about it. I could write long book reviews and recipes and such, but come on would you really be that interested? My kids are the same, funny, smart and sometimes frustrating and that's just that. But every once in a while I still log on just to update my tiny world about my family happenings, and when I do I'm overwhelmed with all the things I've forgotten to write in the last...oh four months or so! Well...

James is now in PACE its the gifted program at school. Right now he only goes once a week or so, but next year he will have a full "gifted" load (whatever that means). We knew that kid was special in the good way!

The older kids completed LTC this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. I missed Brittany's choir event by being two rooms over, but I heard they did awesome. The kids participated in Bible Bowl and I was the assistant coach. Let me tell you that coaching a group of 4-10th graders on the book of Revelation is NOT an easy task! I'm just glad I was only "co" coaching! Brittany was in Drama, Scrapbooking, and Chorus Jacob did Signing and Powerpoint and they all did Bible Bowl. Our lives were one mass exodus to and from the church building every Sunday, but it was worth it!

And now for the big news that if you were already bored and clicked away you would miss... check out the photo below...

Ok its not an alien...we think although with the picture being sideways like that it does kinda look like a frog.We are expecting. (Sorry for the sideways picture!)The newest Smith is scheduled for drop off on 10.18.11....Thanks for reading...hopefully I'll be posting more, but with six kids, probably not!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First post of 2011...and what a wonderful day to do it!

Okay so I've been MIA but just because I haven't had much to say. Christmas pictures would be nice, but alas I have no camera charger and no pictures. This is something I am going to rectify really soon, because I missed a lot this holiday season being camera-less. I missed a great Christmas eve family shindig, a hot-wheels/zhuzhu pet/spy watch/super early morning Christmas, a rockin' chillaxin' NYE '10, a super awesome mini-snowman and snow ice cream made by mommy and Jamesy. So I guess its time I get a camera charger? My kiddos will be adults soon, so I guess I should get to snapping and uploading. I have tons of pictures that only recently made it out for James' star of the week poster. Something I need to take a picture of and post...
NE way, James is once again fascinated with my jiggling middle. The other day he said mommy it looks like you have a baby in your belly. Do you have a baby in your belly? Me: Nope just fat James: Its so jiggly * he puts his had no my stomach and moves my fat back and forth saying jiggly jiggly jiggly, jiggly jiggly jiggly.... for FIVE minutes!!* Nice one son. So then a few days later he sits next to me on the couch and says mommy are you sure there is no baby in your belly. Me: Nope baby just fat James: See a baby could be right there mommy * as he pats my fat* Me: Nope no baby. James: Mommy you should have a baby. Me: Jamesy you are my baby. James: I'm not a baby you need a baplacement (replacement). A little baby brother or sister. When are you going to have another baby mommy? Me: I don't know, no time soon sweetie. Maybe never you have to ask Daddy. James: Where do babies come from? Me: Well, lets wait for Daddy on that one....
Oh boy, here we go again...I love how I can usually put my kids off on their father. Here's another example...
Brittany: Hey what if when I'm in 10th grade an 11th grader asks me to a dance, can I go??
Me: Brittany you are in the 8th grade....
Brittany: I know but what IF....
Me: Ask your dad...
See it works marvelously and I don't have to answer the tough questions by myself. But I do have a little boy obsessed with my fat and babies, and a teenager already dreaming of older boys...great, just great. *Sigh* Gotta love my crazy kiddos!!
On another note I am signed up and training for a 1/2 marathon!! Yeah!!! I have already run 14 miles this week, and after this evening's run I should be up to 18 miles. I'm really excited because I'm actually following through this time. (Another reason for a camera charger, so I can have proof when I cross the finish line!). I could say its a New Year's resolution, but I'm not going to do those anymore...too depressing when you realize on February first you've kept exactly ZERO of those resolutions!!!
On a heavier note...please keep my family in prayer. My father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on Friday. Its been a rough couple of days but he is doing okay, but please keep him lifted up to the father.
Enough of my droning!! Hopefully next post will have pictures!!
Oh last but not least: Happy Founders Day women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated on 98 years of Scholarship, Service and Sisterhood! The tradition carries on today because Delta Sigma Theta IS the ONLY way. Ooo Oop sorors!!! (To all my non-greek is the day my sorority was founded 98 years ago on the campus of Howard University in Washington D.C. by 22 courageous women.)
Well that's all for now!! Have a great one, and hopefully 2011 is starting off well for you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Day Dilemma

Hello all, so okay my blog heading today is misleading. Sorry, I just wanted to catch your attention, but now that I have you here I'd like to ask you a question, what is your favorite Thanksgiving food and can I have the recipe? I'm wanting to try something new but would like some feedback so if you are out there reading this right now can you respond please? Thanks! P.S. I'm ordering a new camera charger tonight so pictures should be coming soon!