Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Racy Reality

Ok so last night I was watching "Love In The Wild" with my mother in law and James. We thought the show would be really stupid from all the promos, but after watching our current favorite family show America's Got Talent we just kept it on NBC. The show started off interesting enough. The set up of this show is that there are several people who couple up (missed a week or two so we don't know how the couples matched up) and they have to complete challenges to determine where they sleep and what order they are during a couples ceremony where they decide whether or  not they want to stay with their current partner or switch to another guy or lady. So the challenge was really need they diving off of a cliff, finding nets, and stuff and it got to the nightly sleeping arrangement thing. So these "couples" (people who have just met within the last day or so) sleep in either a luxury suite, tents or this outhouse looking thing together in ONE bed. Really? So one of the girls comes out the next day and tells the camera that her and the guy she was "coupled with" got "intimate" and that they were "compatible in that way." I was shocked and so glad that James didn't understand what she meant. All I could think was what in the what? I know that I have no right to be anyone's moral police and I'm not trying to be, but honestly you say that on national television? You know millions of people are watching you, your family, friends, young impressionable girls, GOD and you do something like that, and NBC is fine with airing it. Have we fallen so far morally that people have casual sex with total strangers is something to be publicized and praised on a reality t.v. show? Yes I shouldn't be shock you see it on t.v. all the time, but I was just so taken aback by this. Yes I'm a Christian woman who considers herself a feminist, and argue with people about how it's possible to be both and how feminism is not a bad word or being a feminist is not akin to being a heathen, but even I have to say what happened to the time when women acted like ladies? No kissing and telling, no putting yourself out there like that. Girls it is so true that if you have sex with a man on the first night, within the first few days or months of dating they will categorize you as easy and you will be less attractive and taken less seriously. That's before even touching the morality and biblical reasoning for keeping yourself chaste. Needless to say this show has been  exed from our family viewing schedule (which is extremely limited anyway). Oh well now we know a good time to have a family bible study hour! Sorry for the rant but man that just rubbed me the wrong way!

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